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Ready Mixed Concrete in Lansing


The amount of construction inLansingkeeps the ready-mixed concrete industry busy. Concrete is one of the most powerful and useful products ever invented. Ready-mix concrete can be delivered directly to a job site, ready to be poured. It’s produced at a concrete plant and can be mixed during transit.

In Lansing, 1-800-CONCRETE delivers both transit and shrink-mixed concrete to order on a daily basis. Using their own fleet of trucks and network of local concrete plants, our local supplier Consumers Concrete is able to deliver the precise mix at exactly the right time for your project needs.

What makes Ready Mix Special

 Of course, concrete is made from Portland cement and aggregates. Portland cement is mixed with water creating a paste. Aggregates, both large and small, are mixed in to form concrete.  The aggregates are often sand, rocks, and more. The paste coats the aggregates and causes them to stick together.

The magic in this slurry happens when hydration starts. Hydration is a complex chemical process that hardens the concrete and eventually causes it to become a rock-hard surface.

During hydration, a node forms on each cement particle. This will continue to grow until it connects with another node or attaches to nearby aggregate. This continues until there is a solid, hard, strong mass of concrete.

The concrete is consolidated to compact it. This helps to remove air bubbles and flaws that will reduce the durability of the concrete.

When the right mixture is delivered, in the Salt Lake Region to local construction projects and elsewhere, the concrete can be smoothed out when the surface moisture film disappears. Then a wooden or metal float is used to create an even surface.

If an extra smooth surface is needed, the floating process is followed by steel trowelling. This is a manual process that can create an extremely smooth surface for floors and more.

The Good and the Bad  of Ready Mixed Concrete

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages to ready-mixed concrete that every customer should know about.


Some of the advantages of ready-mixed concrete are:

  1. Concrete plants are able to use sophisticated equipment to create the perfect mix for your job site.
  2. The plants can test your concrete often to guarantee that the mix is perfect.
  3. The concrete delivered is ready to be used immediately.
  4. Better handling and mixing leads to up to a 12% reduction in waste.
  5. Cement is saved because dust is reduced at the plant versus bags at the job site.
  6. The perfect mix of concrete leads to a structure with longer life.
  7. You can order exactly the amount of concrete you need.
  8. No additional storage space needed at the job site to protect the store of cement.

Some of the disadvantages of ready-mixed concrete are:

  1. The workability of the concrete can be reduced because of the transit time. Water and other additives may be needed to restore workability at the job site.
  2. Traffic delays can cause the concrete to arrive in less than optimal condition. It might need to be reworked at that point.
  3. More formwork needs to be built in advance so that you can order larger quantities for delivery.
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1-800-CONCRETE delivers high performing ready-mixed concrete

Ready-mixed delivered concrete vs job site mixing


The biggest advantage of ready-mixed concrete is the amount of time taken at the job site. By having the concrete delivered to your specifications, in the Greater Lansing area or wherever you’re working, you can save a lot of the work crews time. They don’t need to measure and mix concrete at the site.

By working with our local supplier Consumers Concrete who utilizes the latest technology in their concrete manufacturing plants and fleet of trucks, they can mix the perfect concrete for your needs and deliver it  in a timely manner, usually for less than it would cost you to have the materials delivered to the job site and then having your crew mix it up.



Let 1-800-CONCRETE with the assistance of our ready-mix concrete partner Consumers Concrete give you some great ideas for your next concrete project in the cities of:

Lansing | Grand Ledge | Jackson | Okemos | Mason | East Lansing | Waverly | Eaton Rapids | Owosso | St. Johns | Charlotte 

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Ready-Mixed Concrete Greater Lansing

Where do you need concrete today?


Let 1-800-CONCRETE deliver concrete via our concrete partner Consumers Concrete to you project in Metro Lansing.  We can assist you with you concrete needs, give you some great ideas, and provide you with concrete suppliers in your area for your next construction project in the cities of:

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  • Olivet
  • Potterville
  • DeWitt
  • East Lansing
  • Grand Ledge
  • St. Johns
  • Leslie
  • Mason
  • Williamston
  • Dansville
  • Stockbridge
  • Weberville
  • Okemos
  • Holt
  • Ovid

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Let 1-800-CONCRETE and our ready mix concrete partner Consumers Concrete give you some great ideas for your next Commercial concrete project in the Greater Lansing Area.  Including the cities of Lansing, East Lansing, Grand Ledge, St. Johns , Okemos, and Charlotte.

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Let 1-800-CONCRETE and our ready mix concrete partner Consumers Concrete give you some great ideas for your next Residential concrete project in the Greater Lansing area.  Including the cities of Lansing, Grand Ledge, Charlotte, Okemos , East Lansing, and Olivet.

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Our Local Supplier

 Our concrete supplier Consumers Concrete has concrete plants in strategic locations of Mid Michigan to service the needs of the construction industry in and around the Lansing Michigan Region.

In addition if you are looking for qualified contractors to help you with your construction project give us a call we can help 1-800-CONCRETE will make the difference in your next concrete project in Mid Michigan Region.

Let the concrete professionals at Consumers Concrete assist you with your concrete needs in Mid Michigan. Our staff is trained to help you make your next concrete project a success. We offer insight into what latest products available are to make your project a success in Mid Michigan.

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Concrete Lansing – Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo

1-800-CONCRETE services Greater Lansing and West Michigan delivering ready mixed concrete via its concrete producing partner Consumers Concrete. 1-800-CONCRETE delivers concrete to the city of Lansing as well as Charlotte, Okemos, St.John, East Lansing, Dewitt, Mason, Potterville, Eaton Rapids, and Grand Ledge in the Greater Lansing Area. We also service the Greater Grand Rapids area delivering concrete to the cities of Allendale, Walker, Wyoming, Kentwood and Comstock Park. If you are in need of  concrete delivery in Southwest Michigan we have you covered there as well with multiple concrete manufacturing plants to deliver ready mix concrete to your home or job site throughout the area including Kalamazoo, South Haven, Holland, Niles, Paw Paw, Benton Harbor and Battle Creek.