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Architectural Block

Consumers produces the products that define you!
  • Bella Brik
  • Fluted
  • Perma Grind 
  • Scored Color 
  • Solid Color
  • Split Face
  • Sill
  • Striface

Concrete Block

Consumers produces the products that are the foundation of Structural projects

  • Chimney 
  • Scored
  • Special Shape
  • Solid 


Consumers makes the products that bring your outdoors to life.  

  • Pavers
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Garden Walls 


Consider Concrete Block for your next project

One of the more common elements in building anything is the standard gray concrete block. You come across this building material all the time because it is so valuable for the temporary or permanent construction of everything from an outdoor chimney next to your sitting area to the interior walls of a new home.


All this versatility means you want to work with a concrete block source that can provide the durability, ingredient mix, and strength needed for your next project.

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Concrete gray blocks can be manufactured in several different sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. Instead of continually molding or cutting larger pieces, you get the precise measurements for your building needs. Again, this is all about versatility and durability in building projects.

Concrete Block -Standard Gray

Serving Michigan and Northern Indiana

The Concrete Industry in the Grand Rapids Region is made up of many players that may serve multiple roles in making sure the construction engine in Grand Rapids runs efficiently.  Concrete Suppliers that delivery ready-mixed concrete. Construction contractors who utilize concrete on Commercial and Residential projects that are changing the landscape in our region for the benefit of the community. 

Concrete Block Delivery To your next project

Metro Areas We Deliver To:
  • Grand Rapids
  • Kalamazoo
  • Metro Detroit
  • Muskegon
  • South Bend
  • Fort Wayne
  • Traverse City
  • Lansing
  • Saginaw
  • Midland
  • Jackson
  • Ann Arbor


Consumers Concrete has the resources to efficiently deliver block to your project. We deliver materials throughout West Michigan, Metro Detroit and Northern Indiana. We can provide Architectural Block, Hardscapes – landscape pavers and retaining wall block even block for garden walls. If you can think of it we can deliver a block type to meet that need.  

Concrete Blocks for All types of Projects

Concrete block can be manufactured in several different sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. Instead of continually molding or cutting larger pieces, you get the precise measurements for your building needs. Again, this is all about versatility and durability in building projects.

The most common type of concrete gray block you will come across are the smooth-faced version. These are the double-holed “H blocks” we all remember as kids playing with around our home or parents’ work. You can find them everywhere, from homemade planters to the walls of your outdoor storage area. They usually have a smooth outer finish on all their sides because they are frequently used for walls.

You can also request split-faced concrete blocks. Unlike the smooth version, these have one or more sides with extremely rough concrete. This is because they are made by chiseling apart the different pieces. Most of the time, you will see these used in retaining walls or buildings where one side is not customer-facing, or a client wants more texture on their walls.

Scored concrete blocks are similar to smooth concrete blocks, except they also include a shallow line on their surface. You can specify how many of these lines you wish, but the overall goals is to create a more square-like appearance in your final build. The more scores you add, the more these builds can be differentiated by the visual appearance you wish.


There are also solid and custom-shaped concrete blocks. These are frequently used to fit specific building needs that require a solid base or a final keystone piece to complete a project. Again, this is not regulated to just homes or commercial spaces. You could be building an outdoor sports arena for the NFL and will most likely see standard gray concrete blocks be used all over the place for different features like bathrooms, serving areas, and even the gyms where athletes train.


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Building Block wall strength with Pilaster Blocks

If you have ever visited the American Southwest, you have probably seen pilaster walls everywhere. These are highly cost-effective ways of protecting homes from unwanted animals and an excellent way to separate property lines between homes built in community-planned units.

Pilasters are excellent solutions for reinforcing the stability and durability of any wall. They provide extra strength to the wall, filler wall, and foundation by being segmented along the side of the wall at different intervals. That is why they are often utilized in retaining walls or outbuilding foundations because they offer added support needed without having to reinvent the wheel on every job site.

When your company is assigned to repair or build a new wall, consider the wind and seismic needs of your location. A single wall made by standard concrete gray blocks is relatively strong in compressions but weak in tension. That means it has less capacity to resist lateral force from wind or seismic activity. However, if you add vertical pilasters, especially those with central concrete and steel reinforcement, you suddenly add a lot of strength to the overall design of the wall.

Everything about pilaster wall creation has to do with the overturning forces at the top of the wall and reinforcement within. Adding pilasters increase the response of the overall wall design to outside forces.

The idea is to have a solid wall of standard gray blocks with pilasters built at regular intervals to support the weight and stability of the structure. Most pilasters are set atop foundational piers that go into the earth to reinforce strength, so you do not have to worry about extreme weather blowing down the wall.

The fact is these walls are highly durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. They add an interesting element to the overall design and reduce the risk of fire jumping from one part of a building or land to another.

Not all ready-mix concrete is created equal. How this mixture is done makes all the difference. We take great care in making certain our concrete is mixed the right way to eliminate uneven mixing. This ensures that our concrete sets strong, durable and blemish-free.

Ready-mix concrete has a limited lifespan, thus working with a supplier like 1-800-CONCRETE will ensure that the delivery is done within minutes of our batching process. A guarantee that smaller ready-mix suppliers simply cannot make.

We help you calculate the exact cubic yards needed for the job so that you don’t have unnecessary overages, and more importantly so that you have the right amount to complete the job.

Learn more about our ready-mix supplier Consumers ConcreteReady Mix Concrete in Grand Rapids 

Finding a concrete supplier to supply a project is pretty straight forward in your area you know who the key suppliers are in your home market but what if you are looking to grow and expand your reach. Finding a concrete supplier that checks all the boxes can be a challenge. Do they have the infrastructure (mixer trucks, strategic locations for efficiency, and knowledgeable staff) to assist with my requirements and last a product line that will fulfill the needs of my project? First, who are the players and why should they be the one to supplier our project.


1-800-CONCRETE has made due diligence a little easier. We know who the key concrete suppliers are in the majority of the major markets. Do you have an upcoming job in the Grand Rapids region or need one last quote for a warehouse pour in Wyoming, We have you covered. We have partnered with market-leading concrete suppliers to take the headache out of finding great concrete suppliers for your upcoming concrete project.  

Block Delivery Michigan and Northern Indiana

1-800-CONCRETE delivers ready mix concrete in The Grand Rapids Region of Michigan. We deliver ready mixed concrete via our concrete producing partner Consumers Concrete. Our partner delivers concrete to Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Comstock Park, Walker, Kentwood, Caledonia, and Byron Center. If you need concrete delivered in the Greater Grand Rapids Region give us a call at 1-800-CONCRETE.  Concrete can be delivered to all kinds of construction projects including residential jobs – Driveways and Patios, Pool decks and outdoor living areas.  If you are a contractor looking for a concrete supplier for footings and concrete walls we can be your source for that as well. Learn why we should  deliver your concrete.

When you have done thousands of residential concrete jobs, you can’t help but see a pattern in the needs of customers. We have seen all kinds of residential concrete related projects. We are experts in driveways, outdoor living spaces, and new home foundations. Let us help design concrete mixes that will provide long term strength and value. 

Though concrete is known as a tough and durable material, the latest home decors utilize decorative and fine finish qualities in concrete. Colored concrete is used as a durable and elegant flooring and it also used for countertops. An advantage of using concrete for custom finishes is concrete’s flexibility since it can be custom-sized and shaped to any kitchen configuration, for example.

We work with contractors and with interior designers to make your renovation vision a reality.

Our representatives can help you select the ideal finish for your house. Learn more about our residential concrete services in the Grand Rapids Region.

Commercial Concrete projects in the Grand Rapids region keep our concrete supplier Aggregate Industries busy daily throughout the year. No job is too large or too small. We offer batching and continuous mixing that allows for large quantities when a single product is to be mixed and smaller batches when different formulations are needed.

Let us quote an upcoming project for you. We have a long history of providing concrete that performs to your expectations.  We can help you deliver value to all kinds of commercial concrete projects in Grand Rapids. Institutions Jobs like Universities and Hospitals to Warehouse Facilities for distribution and storage, new retail projects and renovations. We have the know-how to make your commercial project a success. 

We have an impeccable reputation for delivering the best quality at competitive prices to meet your project goals.

Our infrastructure investment permits us to provide fast dependable service in concrete design, concrete build, formwork, reinforcement, pumping, finishing, trucking, and shotcrete. Having all the resources in-house allows us to stay on time and on budget. We have decades of experience in commercial concrete. We’re local and our commercial concrete specialists are always ready to serve. Learn more about concrete in grand rapids.

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Concrete Delivery Grand Rapids

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Let 1-800-CONCRETE and our ready mix concrete partner Consumers Concrete give you some great ideas for your next Commercial concrete project in West Michigan.  Including the cities of Grand Rapids, Ionia, Muskegon, Holland , Hastings, and Wayland.

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Divisions of competence

  • MDOT Projects
  • Warehouse and Distribution Projects
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Concrete Parking Structures
  • Concrete Foundations


Let 1-800-CONCRETE and our ready mix concrete partner Consumers Concrete give you some great ideas for your next Residential concrete project in West Michigan.  Including the cities of Grand Rapids, Ionia, Muskegon, Holland , Hastings, and Wayland.

Lets talk about your upcoming project. Call us @ 1-800-CONCRETE

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  •  Concrete Countertops and Flooring


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 Our concrete supplier Consumers Concrete has concrete plants in strategic locations of West Michigan to service the needs of the construction industry in and around the Grand Rapids Michigan Region.

In addition if you are looking for qualified contractors to help you with your construction project give us a call we can help 1-800-CONCRETE will make the difference in your next concrete project in West Michigan Region.

Let the concrete professionals at Consumers Concrete assist you with your concrete needs in West Michigan. Our staff is trained to help you make your next concrete project a success. We offer insight into what latest products available are to make your project a success in West Michigan.

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Concrete Plants in West Michigan

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  • Grand Haven

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