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Including a city or town near your project.  From Salt Lake City to Hartford CT.  1-800-CONCRETE has been delivering Ready Mix Concrete through a trusted network of Concrete Suppliers for over twenty years.  When you are looking for your next load of concrete delivered to your project no matter how big or small 1-800-CONCRETE is a great resource for fresh concrete. Delivery where you want it.

Where do you need Ready Mix Concrete Today?

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What makes Ready Mix Special

 Of course, concrete is made from Portland cement and aggregates. Portland cement is mixed with water creating a paste. Aggregates, both large and small, are mixed in to form concrete.  The aggregates are often sand, rocks, and more. The paste coats the aggregates and causes them to stick together.

The magic in this slurry happens when hydration starts. Hydration is a complex chemical process that hardens the concrete and eventually causes it to become a rock-hard surface.

During hydration, a node forms on each cement particle. This will continue to grow until it connects with another node or attaches to nearby aggregate. This continues until there is a solid, hard, strong mass of concrete.

The concrete is consolidated to compact it. This helps to remove air bubbles and flaws that will reduce the durability of the concrete.

When the right mixture is delivered, in the Salt Lake Region to local construction projects and elsewhere, the concrete can be smoothed out when the surface moisture film disappears. Then a wooden or metal float is used to create an even surface.

If an extra smooth surface is needed, the floating process is followed by steel trowelling. This is a manual process that can create an extremely smooth surface for floors and more.

The Good and the Bad of Ready Mixed Concrete

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages to ready-mixed concrete that every customer should know about.


Some of the advantages of ready-mixed concrete are:

  1. Concrete plants are able to use sophisticated equipment to create the perfect mix for your job site.
  2. The plants can test your concrete often to guarantee that the mix is perfect.
  3. The concrete delivered is ready to be used immediately.
  4. Better handling and mixing leads to up to a 12% reduction in waste.
  5. Cement is saved because dust is reduced at the plant versus bags at the job site.
  6. The perfect mix of concrete leads to a structure with longer life.
  7. You can order exactly the amount of concrete you need.
  8. No additional storage space needed at the job site to protect the store of cement.

Some of the disadvantages of ready-mixed concrete are:

  1. The workability of the concrete can be reduced because of the transit time. Water and other additives may be needed to restore workability at the job site.
  2. Traffic delays can cause the concrete to arrive in less than optimal condition. It might need to be reworked at that point.
  3. More formwork needs to be built in advance so that you can order larger quantities for delivery
1-800-Concrete is your source for

Ready Mix Concrete for the Construction Industry

   1-800-CONCRETE is the source for ready mixed concrete for the construction industry. Whether you are a Do it yourselfer or a large concrete contractor we can assist you in finding concrete regardless of what city or state you construction project may be.  Feel free to utilize our concrete calculator as well as our concrete locator above to better serve you in your next construction project. We know who the key concrete producers are in each of the top 100 local markets. Let us help you take the guess work out of sourcing ready mixed concrete on your next concrete project whether the jobs is across town or across the country 1-800-CONCRETE will make sure you get the information you need to create value for your next construction project. 

      Ready Mixed Concrete which is made up of cement water sand and aggregates/stone has been a primary construction material for centuries.  Ready mix concrete is used as a foundation material due to its strength and longevity.  In addition to being used as a foundation material ready mix concrete is also used for concrete floors and driveways, parking lots, concrete countertops, curbs, and

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How much Ready Mix do you need?

Ready Mix Concrete in Buffalo NY. Learn more about who the leading Ready Mix Concrete suppliers are in Buffalo NY.  There are multiple Ready Mix suppliers in the Buffalo region to serve the needs of the construction industry.  Let us help you find your next concrete delivery in Buffalo today! Call or Text 1-800-CONCRETE.

Ready Mix Concrete in Nashville, TN. Learn more about who the leading Ready Mix Concrete suppliers are in Nashville, TN.  There are multiple Ready Mix suppliers in the Middle Tennessee region to serve the needs of the construction industry.  Let us help you find your next concrete delivery in Nashville today! Call or Text 1-800-CONCRETE.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is a tailor made concrete material that guarantees quality of the construction work. When you use concrete that was premix to standard, it assures durability and sustainability of your project. Rather than buying your concrete materials individually with the aim to mix yourself, it is better to entrust your concrete needs to experts (1-800-concrete) with professionalism to deliver to tastes because they have their names to protect. With the last advice taken, and you decided to entrust your concrete supply to experts in the field, the advantages you will get are innumerable.

In 1-800-Concrete, when we talk about benefits of using ready mix concrete, we are speaking of our knowledge, experience and product versatility for success on your project. Speaking as a reputable concrete supplier in America, below are benefits from construction activities we have handled to which our satisfied customers across the U.S. can attest.

Professionals are at your service

Buying your concrete from us avails you the services of best suppliers in the field who can help you cut trial and errors and give you the best technical advice and service for your project. Being open to the best hand gives you the opportunity to reduce wastes, as you get a precision calculation on what you need. 1-800-concrete has a concrete calculator to give you an accurate idea about the quantity of concrete you need as well as the costs. Our quality control and sales staff are also at your service to deliver the best concrete for your type of project to meets the regulatory standard and pass any inspection.

Get only quality products

Did you know that not all concretes are suitable for every job? We have the knowledge, equipment and people to help you choose. Ready mix concrete from us assures you of getting only quality products. From the item one above; having professionals at your service gets you the experts’ advice on the right concrete for your project. Whether you need RMC for general construction or to meet accelerated construction schedule; even if it’s a self-consolidating project requiring high fluid plastic properties for ease of placement, you are in good hands as we are ready to make sure you get top quality without trial and errors.

Ready mix concrete is available when and where you need it without hassles

To have your RMC travel a long distance to your site is not advisable because of the set time for premix concrete. As professional supplier we have you covered with the closest RMC plant to you. We ensure you have your concrete as and when you need it. For 1-800-concrete, we have the ability to supply your Concrete needs anywhere in the U.S. without trouble. Therefore, no matter the concrete needed for your project, we will ensure a steady supply.

Avoid wastages

Imagine if you have to do the mixing of your concrete need on site. The wastes that follow using the individual concrete materials, human errors, fatigue and hazards of handling raw cement are mostly unbearable. With ready mix concrete, you have every single item premixed and ready for use. By our calculation, RMC can save you around 12% cost of mixing yourself. Also, it ensures a cleaner environment and efficient job as the concrete comes in a way you can utilize it without messing your environment and your workers can work smart too without having to go back and forth mixing and moving concrete.

Concrete strength guaranteed

We deliver your concrete within controlled condition utilizing reliable nature of raw material. Because of our experienced quality control staff, all processes of making RMC are certified to meet the highest standard without compromising on quality.

Avoid running short on material in an ongoing project

Concrete require seamless pour to set evenly. When using the RMC, you need to have sufficient product by adding extra 10 percent to compensate for grade variations and spills. Don’t save a little that might cost you your entire project.

Take action to prevent cracks

Concrete cures chemically over days and you need to adopt measures to avoid cracking by covering it with plastic or damp fabric to help it cure properly.

Give your concrete support for strength

To give the concrete the required strength, use steel bar, wire mesh and get expert’s advice on what more you can do for extra strength.

Don’t overburden your concrete

Concrete’s strength is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), you should know the prescribed Psi and don’t overload it.

Avoid leaving your concrete top smooth

Smooth surface concrete is not always the best. Make the top of footings and foundations rough for better bonding with mortars; for walks and steps safety, use the broom to texture the surface.

Tips for a

Successful Concrete Project

The advantages of using RMC listed above require you follow some guidelines for a successful use of concrete. No matter the type of your project, whether you are constructing a small step or upgrading your patio, knowing how to ensure the success of your project is important. Below are tips on how you can make your project successful.